There are different kind of locational clusters that focus on different clothing fabric and apparel markets in Turkey.Add to this that those who supply to the boutique markets could be very different from those who supply to the mass markets.

When you consider these, you will realize that whether you are new to sourcing from Turkey, or whether you have been sourcing from Turkey for some time , now a collaboration that provides comprehensive guidance on how to go about getting the one of the flexible vendor for your needs by shortening the product development and delivery cycle.

It is the company's goal to service the needs of the apparel and clothing fabric industry by offering products that appeal to the fashion , lifestyle and performance driven customers.

Why iSSeymen?

Core Capabilities

• State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
• The capacity to meet growing demand with small-scale to large scale with low-cost production.
• Efficient supply chain logistics.
• Long-term customer relationships supported by brand and design leadership.
• Complete solutions to help customer's profit from products.
• Commitment to sustainable business practices.


• High flexibility
• Shorter lead time and turn around time
• JIT ( just in time strategy )
• Proximity to Eu market.
• Understanding of fashion and fast fashion
• Daily visits to brands in EU possible